Friday, 6 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #56

Smiler loved this one - for reasons the rest of us couldn't quite fathom, it was very very funny.  We snapped Creature Comforts on our harbourside boat day, because according to Mr Manley, it's only two minutes from Gromberry's Pumphouse.  He lies.  Or, perhaps more accurately (Mr Manley is a rubbish liar - he has too much of a conscience) when thinking about distance he is thinking how long it takes him to walk it.  When you're over six feet tall, your strides are pretty long.  Not so much when you're five four, or ten years old, or nine years old, or in a wheelchair.

We did manage some good timing though - the Matthew was coming in, so we watched it in the lock, then there were two bridge swings (two bridges, not one swinging twice) to let it back to moor up.  And it was full of pirates.  No one seemed entirely sure why, but we found out later it was something to do with a radio station competition - lots of sword fights and shouting about climbing the rigging and swabbing the decks - the kids on the Matthew were clearly having a great time!

Mr Manley disagreed with me (it's been that sort of week), but I reckon there has to be a creature comforts/aardmann/Gromit purposeful link thing going on.  Remember the tortoise?  The easily turn off and on-able one?  If you do, please do let me know in the comments beneath - I'm keeping score (because it's been that sort of week!)

By the way, food at the Riverside Garden Centre is fantastic - very highly recommended by all of us - including both Mr Manley and I!

Who?  Creature Comforts
Where?  Riverside Garden Centre
Artist?  Sneaky Raccoon

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