Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #78

This is one of the last Gromit posts, even though this was among the first Gromits that we saw. Beautifully decorated, with layer after layer of detail painted onto Gromit's body, including leaves, flowers, and ladybirds.  The ladybird on the nose was, as your expect, Smilers favourite, and I thought it was a really clever way to highlight the rest of the tiny ladybirds hidden within the foliage.  Gromit's body and collar were the usual colours (although after this summer I'm not certain those words will have any meaning), but covered in the creeping ivy, almost as if he had stood still for too long . . . perhaps while he was trying to focus on that little ladybird, going cross-eyed!

They make amazing cheese at Lye Cross by the way, so if you like really strong cheddar, smooth and rich, I highly recommend their vintage cheddar - it is yummy.

Who?  The Secret Garden
Where?  Lye Cross Farm Shop
Artist?  Sarah-Jane Grace
Sponsor?  Lye Cross Farm

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