Sunday, 20 October 2013

afternoon tea : 20th October 2013

Yes, that is my mug.  Yes, it is as big as it looks - it holds a pint!  
On the afternoon tea menu today were sponge fingers, cooked independently by Petal.  You know those sponge fingers you get in packets, called 'boudoir biscuits'?  I remember them from trifles, in case that helps!  Well, these were exactly that texture - yum. 

In trying to make some room in the freezer a couple of days ago Mr Manley had got out some puff pastry out, so some of this was used for custard and almond pastries, and some for blackberry jam and custard pastries - even more yum.  Mr Manley took the lead on these, making the custard extra thick so it didn't all flow out of the pastry!  There are three left on the side out in the kitchen, calling to me, but so far I've resisted.  If there were two left it would be different, but when there is enough left over for Smiler, Noah and Petal to have one each, it seems like they should have them instead - some kind of sugar addict parent martyr thing.  On the other hand *whispers* Mr Manley and I might share then out once the kids have gone to bed . . . shhhhh . . .

And last, but certainly not least, chocolate ├ęclairs!  These were made in the week, but then put together today, with real cream and real chocolate on the top.  I think Mr Manley has been inspired by the good old Great British Bake Off - fine by me!  

Do you think GBBO has encouraged people to give baking a go?  Have you seen something one of them has made and then gone and given it a go yourself? 

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