Wednesday, 23 October 2013

how to Slouch

Having knitted a jumper for Mr Manley, and sleeveless pullovers for Smiler, Noah, and Petal, I decided I wanted to make something for *whispers* myself (shock).  Rather than a cardigan (I have plenty) or a jumper (don't wear them), I thought I'd go for something I'll get plenty of use out of . . . a hat!  After searching through Ravelry I found the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, and snuggled down on the sofa surrounded by wool and needles and scissors.

* * * * *

Take heed : if you're not a knitting person, you should probably swoosh down to that next row of stars - that one there, just before the photos . . . that's it.

{Did you spot my fancy yarn holder?  Does double triple duty : saves the yarn from being Porridged; harder to sit on and not realise than a ball of yarn; makes everything smell of white chocolate!
(Porridge the cat; yes, I have, often; surely no further explanation needed!)}

Since the yarn was officially 'chunky' (Sirdar Click Chunky with wool) I used bigger needles than the pattern called for: US 10½ (UK 7) for the ribbing and US 15 (UK 10) for the rest.  Having read that a lot of people had found the pattern knits up on the small side, and bearing in mind how much fluffy hair I want this to cover, I cast on an extra nine stitches (one cable-worth).  These extra stitches meant after the increase row I had some superfluous^ stitches which didn't fit into my second lot of cables, but it didn't show, so (at risk of sounding like Vicky Pollard) I'm not bothered.  Became more of an issue later on, as (I think) the cables are paired, so adding one cable meant some of the cabling and decreases were out of sync, but adding two cables would have been far too wide, even for my barnet.  Still with me?

Used my trusty knit pro circs, partly because I find them easier to control than dpn's, and partly because I don't have any chunky enough anyway!  Got kinda awkward for the last little bit - twelve stitches on 10mm circs - but got there in the end!

* * * * *

I'll probably make more of these (I can see Petal immediately coming up with seven desperately contrived reasons as to why she absolutely needs one straight away), and I think once I get used to it I'll want different colour ones as well - it's a different style than I usually chose, so I'm not 100% sure if it looks okay at the moment - does it look strange because it doesn't suit me, or because it's very different to what I'd usually have?  Go on, judge me - I can take it!  Actually, don't . . . I can't.  I like them on other people, but am I slouchy?  Who knows.  Maybe I will be from now on . . .

* * * * * 

Couldn't resist sharing this picture of Noah - it turns out to be incredibly difficult to take a photo of a hat on your own head in bad light, so I borrowed his head.  Much easier like that - I highly recommend getting hold of a relatively cooperative ten year old to help you out should you find yourself in a similar situation.  Incidently, Noah can be hired at a very reasonably rate.  Turns out he actually will work for peanuts, so long as they're covered in chocolate.

^ superfluous : adjective
    unnecessary, especially through being more than enough:
    the purchaser should avoid asking for superfluous information
definition from here - can't go wrong with the OED!


  1. Selfish knitting is a good thing!! Are you a Raveler? If so, may I recommend the Selfish Knitters group? If not, join Ravelry! Seriously, a pattern database of infinite searching, a way to catalog your needles and yarn, forums for knitting- awesomeness.

    I must say I can't get the hang of the magic loop method. I'm a DPN fan myself. I'm actually all excited about yarn again lately- I took a bit of a hiatus due to a major arthritis flare, and have gotten my yarn mojo back it seems. I've started a basic crocheted blanket for charity and am having fun with it. It's amazing what can get the mojo back sometimes, isn't it?

  2. I just came back to admire the hat again and noticed that you are, indeed, a Raveler! Feel free to look me up n there- my Rav name s DaapAteMySoul and my ravatar is a picture of a funky, modern olive green and ivory love seat with a squirrel photoshopped sitting on it. XD


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