Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It's all abut me (obviously)!

Straight to business - I've been tagged by the lovely Orli from Just Breathe for this meme (don't know what it is, but hopefully I have the right vague idea, or else this post will look kinda odd - (I think) it originated here) so here goes:

Tell us your name and what you do... I'm Lucas, and what do I do...I'm officially retired, believe it or not, despite being the grand old age of 33 - medical retirement after neuro issues including seizures.  Before that I worked for the Bristol version of Social Services, before that I was a student. 

I live at home with... My gorgeous husband Mr Manley and equally gorgeous three children - Smiler, who turned twelve last week; Noah, who is ten and a half; and Petal, who is nine.  We have one dog - Eli; two and a half cats - Porridge, Meg and Bob; and one extremely elderly and doddery guinea pig, Sam.

My favourite thing to do is... This is a hard one - it changes often, though there are few I always cycle back to - I love to read, I love (not purposefully copying you Orli, I promise!) to bake, I love to knit, and I love to chat.  I also love to wrap myself up in a soft (preferable me-made) blanket, snuggle into the corner of the sofa, and watch slightly embarrassing American TV - CSI, NCIS, True Blood, Warehouse 13 - you get the idea!

My favourite thing to eat is... This changes every day too!  Risotto is appealing this week, and so are sweet potato wedges - yum...  Also hot chocolate with marshmallows - there's never a bad time for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

When I get cross I... Get mean - really mean.  Least said the better I think!

Sometimes I worry because... I don't feel like a good mum.  I worry that Petal, Noah and Smiler (although not the same with Smiler of course) will grow up and look back and see all the things I do wrong and hate me.

My favourite book is books are.. Going to have to go plural here, sorry if that's against the rules - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; Pay It Forward; Sundays At Tiffany's; Second Glance.  That do?

My favourite toy is ... {*whispers* we're keeping this clean, right?}  My favourite toy is my 'not phone' - my nexus tablet.  Love it!  In case you were wondering, it's called a not phone because it is not a phone, and sometimes when you're asking a ten year old to get something for you from another room and you have a neuro problem which means you often blank on words, it can be easier to identify something by what it isn't, instead of what it is!

I dislike... Housework.  I'm lazy, I know.  Luckily I've snagged someone who isn't.  And you'll be pleased to hear that I'm doing the responsible thing for the next generation, making sure the kids know how to wash up and keep their rooms tidy and mow the lawn and clean the dogs teeth and fold their washing and ...only joking.  Ish.

When I grow up I want to be... Me.  Just me, without feeling like I'm failing at everything; without second guessing every decision I make; without pretending.  Just me.

So, the next bit involves tagging others, but no harm no foul - if you don't wanna do it, don't do it - life's too short and all that!  If you do join in, please let me know in the comments and add a link!
So it's over to...
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And finally, (I'm aware this guess deduction may be utterly wrong, and apologise in advance) Victoria of Victoriananana

Have fun my lovelies!

{That sounded perfectly fine in my head as I typed it, but now looks as if it should be said with a menacing cackle at the end - hopefully it will be taken as meant!}


  1. At least I am not alone in my American TV addiction :) and hot chocolate with marshmallows! And as for the not-phone, even without neuro issues you have no idea how many words I miss every day. And the changes between languages just make it even harder. Every other sentence starts with a "what-do-you-call-it"...
    So glad you wrote yours! :) x

    1. Thanks for tagging me! I can't imagine having to deal with another language too - you're very brave!
      Take care Orli

  2. how much fun is's my post and I even went back to Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies and added my post to her linky :) Raising Asperger's Kids: It's All About Me....Hey once every 15 years for 5 minutes is really...

    1. Fantastic Elise - and so quickly too! Thanks for joining in!

  3. Hi Lucas, Thanks for joining in and linking up with #AllAboutMeMeme. I also love sweet potato wedges but can never cook them right! :-(

  4. Thanks for the tag. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who hates housework and I completely cheated on the question about books as well! How do you choose just one?


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