Wednesday, 16 October 2013

kitchen kindness : time to share

Confession time : I have a tendency to fall in love with people who cook.  No gender preferences, no age issues, and black, white, lemon or lime as Semisonic would say.  A culinary crush, if you will.

Now, it isn't quite as racy and exciting as it sounds.  What I mean is, I discover a new (to me) culinary individual through whatever medium, be it a newspaper column, an online interview, a book picked up in a charity shop, a TV series, or a recommendation from a friend, and become accidentally addicted to them - to their style of writing, their use of language, their attitude to ingredients, their enjoyment of food as so much more than simple nourishment.  

And once I'm in love, I like to find out everything about them (and their food . . . I'm not a stalker or anything!) and what better way to do this than by gathering their books and drooling over the pictures along with their descriptions and anecdotes.  I usually start off taking a peek at the library, but if I've flicked through two or three books and am still hungry (pun intended) for more, I turn to the internet in search of my very own copies.  Not just of the ones I've seen, but also those I haven't.  My theory is that if I enjoy a book they wrote in 2001, and another in 2006, I'll most likely also relish the one that came out in 2004 (and another food related pun there . . . any bets on how many more I can squeeze in?).  This means I end up with a collection of books by each writer, which contain many recipes that I've never had the time (or energy or ingredients or inclination) to try out.  

I'm thinking, perhaps somewhat optimistically, that I can't be the only one that does this, and that many of us take in a few recipes and make them regularly, adding extra ingredients, substituting those we can't (be bothered to) find, doing things our own way.   

Don't worry, I'm not turning abstractLucas into some sort of Julie and Julia, I just thought it would be great to share these ideas and tips with one another - to kind of pool our knowledge and experiences, so we can be inspired by one another's enthusiasm, and maybe try something we didn't have the confidence to risk before.  I expect many of our mother's picked up hundreds of tips and ideas and shortcuts from their mothers, but because of the way I grew up I didn't have that chance, and maybe you missed out too, so let's be each others scaffolding - let's share the things we do know and support each other with trying them out!  Did you see the Kitchen Kindness post last week?  That.

The biggest potential problem I can forsee here is that you (yes you, right there - you know you read this but haven't commented or subscribed yet - I think it's time, don't you?) won't get involved, and I will be babbling away like a lemon into complete silence.  

Save me!  

Write your own post, and link back to here, or get in touch and you can do a guest post - whatever, and however you want.  

Come on, show me what you've got!

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