Monday, 28 October 2013

Mr Manley's Wish List

We all know how difficult it can be to choose gifts for grown ups, but at least our Wish Lists make it a bit easier!

Walnut Whip
Posh coffee (shiny)
New hoody
Steam cleaner
Glow in the dark toothpaste

* * * * *

Exciting, don't you think?  The shiny in relation to the coffee is a description of the packaging, not the coffee itself, in case you were trying to work that one out!  Clothes, fine.  Chocolate, fine.  Coffee, fine.  Steam cleaner?  Useful I guess . . . as for glow in the dark toothpaste, can you even get that?  I suppose I should be glad every other item isn't a monkey, like it was last year . . .

* * * * * 

{  If you're reading this, Mr Manley, you need to stop.  Now  }

* * * * *

{  I said now  }

* * * * *

Some of the gifts he's actually going to get include a scarf (currently being knitted), Turkish delight flavour (in a shiny tin, though perhaps not the shiny tin coffee he meant - ah well, perhaps he'll be a bit more specific next christmas!), and glow in the dark moustaches.  Oh yes.  Also, stick-on beards.  

And if you're struggling for ideas, try having a wonder around some of the department stores online - John Lewis has a whole section of gifts for men conveniently split into categories to make it easier to find something that would appeal to your Mr Manley (or Mr Sporty, or Mr Whatever).  I found this* - fun, not outrageously priced, and something that won't break after being fiddled with for five minutes by someone who spent all night listening for jingle bells and has been scoffing chocolate since sunrise.  Or, you know, the kids.

* * * * *

the Wish Lists

{  * This post was sponsored.  They didn't give me anything to play with, but hey, with the big bucks I did get I could buy that Bananagrams game twice over!  }

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