Monday, 9 December 2013

basic sweet pastry recipe

This is the pastry recipe we use for pretty much everything sweet, including mince pies, but to keep it as clutter-free as possible I've put it here, by itself.

This pastry ticks all the boxes in our house - it's easy, delicious, and crumbles in your mouth.  You can roll it out and use cutters, or if you prefer (or are cooking with small people who would find rolling and cutting a bit tricky) you can squish and flatten and shape with your hands - it's that forgiving!

If you would like to make deep pies, but find it difficult to get them out of the tin without them getting stuck or crumbling into pieces, you might like to find out about the strip method described here (don't worry, nothing to do with taking your clothes off...)

* * * * *

Ingredients :
225g marg
350g plain flour
100g sugar

{These amounts will make about sixteen pies with lids}

icing sugar to dust over when serving

* * * * *

Preheat oven to 170°c fan, 180°c non-fan


Marg, flour and sugar into the food processor with the (plastic) dough blade


Blitz it all together, then tip out into a clean work surface

* Squish together, knead briefly, then roll out to about ½cm thick, and cut

Pull the leftovers together and repeat from *


Using a bun tray or muffin tin, line with pastry, fill with mincemeat; jam; syrup and breadcrumbs; or your chosen filling, put a lid on if desired


Put the trays into the oven for 12 minutes - the pastry will stay fairly pale, and is cooked when it is tinged brown around the edges


Leave to cool for five minutes in the tray, then gently ease out onto a wire cooling rack


Dust with icing sugar and serve


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