Thursday, 12 December 2013

chocolate lollies by Smiler

Smiler was adamant that he needed to take something to his school fair that could be sold back to us (as is usual schol fair procedure, right?), and since he's been getting very handy in the kitchen lately, we were (completely unlike us of course) thinking food.  While it would have been easy for me to make and decorate a couple of batches of cupcakes, I wanted Smiler to have the opportunity to really be involved.  Technically there were supposed to be cupcakes too, but I was busy being unconscious when the oven timer was going off, so let's say no more about it.  After taking to Twitter (I'm @abstractLucas) for suggestions, and getting some great advice from Lakeland, we decided chocolate lollies would be perfect.

Smiler and I visited the newly opened Lakeland store at Cribbs Causeway, and meet the wonderful Kim.  Smiler, never one to stand around when there chaos to be caused, grabbed her hand and led her straight to the marshmallows - priorities firmly established there!  Kim was fantastic, chatting away to Smiler, and getting a real kick out of his enthusiasm!  We gathered the rest of the chocolate lolly supplies, then left Kim in peace - well, as much peace as you can find in a shopping centre three weeks before Christmas!

* * * * *


Break the chocolate into pieces (yes, I used very...erm...inexpensive chocolate) and put those pieces into a bowl that fits on to of one of your saucepans.  I know it seems strange, but just go with it.

* * * * *


Put plenty of sprinkles into the moulds you're using.  Feel free to use a mixture of sprinkles in each mould, after all, why wouldn't you?

* * * * *


Melt the chocolate by resting the bowl above a saucepan of hot water.  If you like to be involved with the chocolate, stir as it melts.  I've been told that stirring can mean the chocolate loses some of its glossy shine, but of course it is fun.   Judgement call I reckon.

* * * * *


(a job for adults or older children)
Place the mould on a chopping board or baking tray, fill the moulds with the melted chocolate, and holding the tray, tap firmly on the worksurface a few times.  This helps the chocolate fill in the gaps around those sprinkles.  Add a marshmallow to each lolly-to-be.

* * * * *


Lick the spoon
And the fingers
And the bowl
You get the idea...

* * * * *


Put a lolly stick into each mould, and rig up an ingenious way to keep them upright (ish).
We used a cooling rack and an assortment of knives, but hey, just go with whatever works for you!

* * * * *


Once they've had time to harden (we left then overnight), pop them gently out of the mould and onto a clean plate.  

In the interests of truth and transparency, I will admit that I eased these out of their moulds before Smiler got anywhere near them, then replaced them in their funky little silicone beds.
With Smilers fine motor skills (and gross motor skills to come to think of it...) the whole lot would have ended up on the floor - I'm going to assume you forgive me.
He then lifted each one out and put them on the plate, without knowing I'd assisted, so don't tell him, okay?

* * * * * 


Take to your school fair and bask in your well deserved glory

* * * * *

So, thank you school, for loving that Smiler wanted to join in;
thank you Lakeland, especially Kim at Cribbs Causeway for being so positive;
and thank you Smiler, for sticking with it even when you found it difficult - I am so proud of you!

* * * * *

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