Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Petal's tree of stars

The tree of stars premise is simple - you gather a collection of different sized five pointed star biscuit cutters,  use your favourite biscuit recipe for the dough, cut out two of each size, bake, and stack.

* * * * *

For several years now I've made each child a tree of stars to take into school to share with teachers and classmates.  Partly because of the difficult christmas' I remember from childhood I've purposely created traditions for us to share as a family, and this is one that Smiler, Noah, and Petal can take on as their own already, with a bit of help.

Petal (unsurprisingly) leapt at the idea, but we decided I'd stay in the kitchen with her to keep her company, singing along with all the christmas songs.  The tricky part of this exercise is keeping count of how many you've cut of each size - it's more difficult than you might think!

* * * * *

Using our trusty easy peasey biscuit dough Petal started cutting out the stars - here's the recipe so you don't have to go searching for it!

225g plain flour
150g marg
125g sugar
one teaspoon of vanilla extract

  • Preheat the oven to 170°c fan, 190°c non-fan
  • Everything into the food processor bowl with the dough blade
  • Blitz
  • Gather dough and knead briefly
  • Roll out to approx 1cm thick
  • Cut out, then place onto a baking tray
  • Into the oven, and check after 12 minutes.  The biscuits are ready as soon as the edges have begun to turn pale brown
Leave to cool on the trays for a few minutes, then transfer to a wire cooling rack - mage sure they aren't hanging over the edge or laying on top of one another though - they need to cool as flat as possible so you can build a sturdy tree, not a very wobbly one!

* * * * *

Once the biscuits had cooled, Petal stacked them on top of each other, with each point of each star falling in the space between the points of the ones before.
As the biscuits get smaller and smaller, the tree grows taller and taller!
(a rhyme, a rhyme
 at christmas-time!)

* * * * *

Dust with icing sugar for snow, and proudly carry into school to take pride of place on the food table at the class christmas party!

* * * * *

* * * * *

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