Thursday, 2 January 2014

the post christmas post

You know when you look around a couple of days after christmas and realise that you've been wearing your dressing gown far too much, there's no fresh fruit in the kitchen, the only people whose voices you've heard you either gave birth to or are sleeping with, and you haven't stepped out of the front door in three days?

No ... me neither.

Petal not especially looking forward to getting out, but fortunately waving a camera around soon brought a smile to her face, though I'm not quite sure what Noah was grinning at - maybe three solid days of sugar had had some kind of effect...  Smiler, however, was very pleased to have been trusted with the important task of being in charge of the shipping list!


Petal cheered up pretty quickly, pointing out a single bird on the phone wires, singing away by itself, while Smiler reminded his younger brother that if he is within arms reach of the wheelchair then he's fair game.


I, meanwhile, was busy appreciating Mr Manley's rear view.  Oh yes.  

So, the need for some fresh air, an opportunity to test out new boots / wellies / jumpers / trousers (all of which performed admirably by the way), and a lack of milk and fresh fruit - plenty of reasons to get out of the house!


So how about you?  
How long did it take for you to get out of the house after christmas?  Are you the out-of-the-house-on-boxing-day-to-get-to-the-sales sort, or the stay-indoors-until-all-the-half priced-packs-of-christmas-cards-are-long-gone type?


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