Wednesday, 15 January 2014

versatile blogger award. mine mine mine mine mine

Very pleased to be nominated by Mr Boos mum over at Premmeditations for a Versatile Blogger Award, and on a bit of a roll today - a day when I have officially
Got Things Done
 (it happens so rarely that I have officially rewarded myself with permission to use those capitals),
so have written the post
(and those capitals too)


Cos I'm just that good.

Here's how it goes - seven random facts about myself, then nominate some other blogging wonders (have also officially temporarily assigned myself the title Blogging Wonder, hence the 'other' bit)
 (me thinks me needs more sleep and less coffee)
(and less 'officially's)

So, seven random facts about myself...

Fact #1 
Seventeen years ago, I sold four 1kg bars of Cadburys Dairy Milk to Mr Motivator.

Fact #2
I can't have anything between my toes - flip flops that have that bit that goes between your big toe and the rest of your toes - that is my idea of torture - I cringe just thinking about it.

Fact #3
I won a brand new car through one of those 'enter your name here and you might win a car, a holiday, a watch or an air freshener' type prize draw.  Unfortunately I was nine.

Fact #4
I can spell
without cheating.

Fact #5
My bedroom ceiling is covered in fairy lights. 

Fact #6
One of my favourite films is The Secret of My Success.  I know it's horrendously politically incorrect.  I love Fly Away Home too, and always cry at the end.  Always.

Fact #7
I have four tattoos, and another two planned.

So, other bloggers to nominate...
Sara of Mum Turned Mom
Joanna of Ojo's World

Go for it!
But if you're looking for the badge, I canna help ya.


  1. Love your random facts, very funny - and I know what you mean about the flip flops, though I've learned to live with them in later years :) will try and do this soon as I can but I do have a few other posts in pipeline first, busy busy!! :)

  2. Thank you! Goodness now I have to think of 7 facts that are remotely interesting.....I really am boring
    Love your facts, so want a tattoo have yet to be brave enough xx

    1. I'm sure there's plenty - it's just a case of thinking about those things that don't come up often! What puts you off with the tattoo? The permanence or the pain? Chances are it will hurt much less than you think, and if you get something little but meaningful somewhere you can easily cover (or somewhere that is generally covered anyway) before you commit to anything more obvious!

  3. Awesome post, I love your random facts! I have a couple of tats and my hubby was asking just the other day if I'm going to get any more... it's definitely got me thinking ;-)


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