Monday, 3 February 2014

another blanket ... but for who?

Having decided that the kids clearly need blankets knitted by me in order to make their life complete, the plan was to do Noah's next.  The difficulty is that he likes things plain.  Like, really plain.  Like, muuuum, can it all be with no pattern and the same colour all over and that colour be black, or grey, or dark blue please?  Hmm.

Since I wasn't get to enjoy myself with the colours, or even a stitch pattern, I decided to treat myself to a new hook or two as a treat for the blankets.  Is it just me that does that?  (Seriously - have any of you done that?)  I had a cheap-y set from a pound shop which are different colours for each size, but they aren't very comfortable for prolonged hooking; and a couple of knitpro ones with soft-ish black handles, but the sizes had rubbed off of the handles.  Whose bright idea was that?

 I know, we'll sell some nice looking ones with more comfortable handles but instead of marking their size in some kind of sensible durable permenant way, we'll print the sizes on the bit that gets worn and rubbed through use.  Yep, that's what we'll do.

I digress.

I spotted these exceptionally snazzy hooks on the Get Knitted website, and decided I definitely deserved one.  Absolutely essential for Noah's blanket.  Unfortunately, as I wasn't sure which size I might need, the only solution was to get a couple of different sizes.  Shame.  The daft part of this is that we drive past Get Knitted at least five times a week, but I usually put in my order in online and get it delivered - I hate to have to ask Mr Manley to take me places, and it isn't bus-able.  Ah well.  It's not that he would mind, it's just that when I say 'honey, can you pull in here so I can pop into the wool shop' he gets this kind of slightly glazed look, and sometimes even does a teeny tiny little sigh.  It feels like I'm kicking a puppy.

So, Noah's yarn.  Despite his preference for plain, I spotted some gorgeous squashy looking Rowan Little Big Wool on an exceptionally special special offer at Black Sheep Wools, and the choice was made.

Using my trusty new hook (I used the 9mm for this - big enough to catch the yarn easily and make the blanket drapey, but not so big that every hole risks trapping a stray finger or toe) I decided to do fairly random stripes of the green and amber, each separated by a line of the porridge ish colour (as I had much less of this shade).  To keep it simple, I cast on 120 and dc'd up and down, then added a border of porridge.  So to speak.  Because the pattern was so so straightforward, I finished the day after I started, but then hit a stumbling block.  Smiler loves stripes.  I know this - I don't know why it didn't occur to me, but having spotted it, he decided this was clearly for him.  Not Noah.  No way.

As Noah hadn't actually known it was supposed to be for him, I mentally reassigned it to Smiler.  

Sorry Noah - the best laid plans and all that...  

So now it lives on Smiler's bed.  He has a pretty established bedtime routine, and once he's in bed he has his duvet over him, then a fleece blanket on top of that, and then a blanket we've had for years, (I know it seems like a lot of layers, but his room gets quite cold!) so I wasn't sure how he was going to cope with the top one being switched out with a new one, but he was fine.  As I did my usual take off his socks routine, asking if his feet needed a tickle, telling him to have sweet dreams and that I love him, Smiler reached up to hug me, and then patted his new top layer : 'New blanket ... fank oo mummy, fank oo'

You're welcome my gorgeous Smiler boy.
I love you.


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