Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Prompt : Sweater


This is a new Linky that I'm looking forward to joining in with - it's the brainchild of Sara over at Mum Turned Mom, and #ThePrompt for this week is this:

Love the quote Sara, thank you!

This made me smile - you know those wry mum smiles when you recognise a truth within yourself?

Right now Noah is almost eleven.  This is his last year at primary school, and he's doing that I'm far too cool to wear a coat thing.  There have been a few mornings when he has walked past Mr Manley and I defrosting the car with no coat or sweater - brrrr!  Seriously, a short sleeved polo shirt?  He and Petal walk the ten minute journey to school together, looking quite the pair - grey trousers, white polo shirt, enormous rucksack; next to a grey skirt, wooly navy tights, polo shirt under cardigan under zip up jumper under coat, bobble hat, scarf and gloves.

There's the whole wrap them up in cotton wool thing, but I've always leaned towards the I won't always be looking over your shoulder telling you what to do so you need to learn things in your own way school of thought.  Whether that will work out or not, I don't know; but what I do know is that if I instruct them on every little thing, as in Noah, it's freezing out there, get your coat on please then he will have a strop about me telling him what to do.  Theoretically, if he gets cold on the way to or from school, the next day he might decide - for himself - to wear his coat.  

We'll see!

This quote brings to mind a difficult truth of motherhood ... of parenthood I guess - that we often try to shield our children from the real world, from any experience or conversation or realisation that this world we inhabit, this planet we live on, this society we are as part of, is imperfect.
There are cold days that we want them to wear a sweater.
There are dark days that we want them to seek out light.
There are lonely times that we want them to know they are loved.
There are hard days that we want them to know will pass.

We, as parents, want them to experience life, but with a safety net.
We want them to engage with the highs, but avoid the
Of course, this is not the way
life is.
But that sweater might be a start ...


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  1. Love this post, especially the last part about the cold, dark, lonely and hard days. We want to protect them from everything, but we know that we can't, and it's a tough balance. It is so true that the more we tell them to do something, the less likely they are to do it - a learning curve for us all! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x


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