Saturday, 22 February 2014

word of the week

So what should be my Word of the Week, for the half term holiday?  Joining in with The Reading Residence linky has been a great opportunity to think back over the week and try and mould the jumble into some sort of order, and for this week, well, lots and lots of words spring immediately to mind, but I've made myself a promise - to look up, not down.  Figuratively that is.  Particularly bearing in mind this weeks word :



shoe   (sho̅o̅)
1. A durable covering for the human foot, made of leather or similar material with a rigid sole and heel, usually extending no higher than the ankle.
2. A horseshoe.
3. A part or device that is located at the base of something or that functions as a protective covering, as:
a. A strip of metal fitted onto the bottom of a sled runner.
b. The base for the supports of the superstructure of a bridge.
c. The ferrule on the end of a cane.
d. The casing of a pneumatic tire.
4. A device that retards or stops the motion of an object, as the part of a brake that presses against the wheel or drum.
5. The sliding contact plate on an electric train or streetcar that conducts electricity from the third rail.
6. A chute, as for conveying grain from a hopper.
7. Games A case from which playing cards are dealt one at a time.
8. shoes Informal
a. Position; status: You would understand my decision if you put yourself in my shoes.
b. Plight: I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
tr.v. shod (shŏd)shod or shod·den (shŏd′n)shoe·ingshoes
1. To furnish or fit with a shoe or shoes.
2. To cover with a wooden or metal guard to protect against wear.
the shoe is on the other foot Informal
The circumstances have been reversed; an unequal relationship has been inverted.
wait for the other shoe to drop Slang
To defer action or decision until another matter is finished or resolved.

[Middle English, from Old English scōh.]
Not something I tend to give much thought to - certainly not nearly the amount of time to qualify as a real woman a la Sex and the City, but then Carrie and I have very little in common whatever criteria you choose to use!
I have two pairs of trainers (one for the gym because I was worried I'd be asked to leave if I wore my ordinary trainers in there, leaving a trail of dried mud and crispy leaves everywhere I went), a pair of black ankle boots, a pair of knee high black boots, and ... umm ... that's it.  I'll buy a couple of pairs of cheap slip on shoes when the weather improves, and they'll be knackered by autumn and go in the bin.
As I said, Carrie I am not.
But my shoes are just a diversion - the stars of the week are, drumroll please ...
Smiler's shoes.

Boring, right?  New shoes ... big deal.
Read on ...

Over the past twelve years Smiler has had pretty much every type of splint and device going to support his ankles and try and get his feet in the right position.  There's been talk of surgery to fuse the joints, surgery to cut tendons, extended serial casting - but (touch wood and all that) so far we've been able to avoid all of these.  Since Smiler is - mostly - fairly cooperative with physio and various other measures we've employed over the years, it has always been decided that as these surgeries tend to have the possibility of doing more harm than good, it's never felt worth the risk.  

So before my gorgeous Smiler boy could even stand (come to think of it, before he could even sit), he had plastic splints of various shapes and sizes, and specialist footwear to match.  Every few months, there would be an appointment to take a plaster cast of his feet to make new insoles, or splints, or to be measured for new gaiters to wear at night.  While the boots were a hundred times more ordinary looking than the ones provided fifteen years ago, I think they were probably still very noticeable to others, but since none of us had every known any different, they barely registered.


With Noah and Petal we fell easily enough into the shoe buying routine - new school shoes for the new school year; wellies, trainers, jelly shoes, boots, all as and when needed.

Then just before Christmas, I had a call from the orthotist (the guy who measures and casts and fits all the contraptions to do with feet) giving me the latest update.  Smiler needed new insoles (nothing new there!) and they'd be ready in a month or so.  Then came the surprise.  
But he doesn't need the boots anymore.  
Who doesn't what the where now?

There was concern that if he kept getting ankle support from the boots, then his ankles wouldn't develop the strength they'll need to hold him up as he grows.  Smiler's twelve now, and after the great testicle hunt of 2013 (don't ask.  It was basically a rerun of the 2003 hunt anyway) we are hopeful that puberty might arrive without the help of medication (daily growth hormone injections - ugh), so those ankles need to be stable before he gets hit with any growth spurts.  
We'll keep a close eye, ring if you want us to take another look, and head to Clark's once the insoles have arrived, because they know their stuff backwards and forward and upside down.

And just like that, the bell tolled for Smiler's boots.

The insoles came, and we took Smiler shoe shopping for the first time.  Becky, at Clark's in Longwell Green was just fab - not the slightest bit phased by having to fit around the insoles, or by Smiler's proclamations of love for every new pair of shoes he saw.  Smiler was very clear that he was getting shoes, after having only ever had boots before, and Becky straightaway clocked that we then called every new pair shoes, no matter what they actually were, and followed suit.

So, twenty minutes later, we emerged from the shoe shop with Smiler's very first pair of shoes (nobody call them boots, okay?  They're shoes.  Shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes)

So, that is the very long explanation behind my word of the week, because this week was all about the shoes.

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  1. Well, this made me smile, was in need of something happy and wonderful!

    1. So glad you liked it Sara - we all looked like Cheshire cats coming out of the shop, I'm sure! I had to laugh at Smiler earlier, when a friend commented on his shoes, but called them boots - he stood from his chair and walked the few steps over to her, took her hand, made eye contact and said very seriously and clearly 'no boots. Smiler shoes now - shoes.' - I love that he has (in his own way) recognised that they may be simple footwear, but they mark a change. Thanks for reading Sara, and especially for commenting.
      Take care,

  2. This is such a fabulous post. It's absolutely all about shoes, and what a momentous shoe shopping trip this was! Exciting times to be able to have that freedom of choice - I hope all continues to go well with the insoles. Thanks so much for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thank you hun - it may have been a long time coming but I think that made it all the more exciting, particularly because in all honestly we didn't know if he would ever have ordinary shoes! Thank you for reading, and for hosting #WotW - really enjoying joining in!
      Take care


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