Thursday, 10 April 2014

a blanket finished

It's finished!

Apologies for all the photos, but I wanted to show you the way the colours fall.  As it's worked corner to corner, it's striped diagonally, but because the stripes are made up of squares strung together corner to corner they kind of slot into one another.

You can read more here on Ravelry if you're interested in the technical stuff, this is the other blog post about this blanket, and here's the post about the first version of this blanket.

The blanket is single bed size - approximately a metre by two metres, and because I made it all in one there are no stiff joins where one piece meets the next.  This means it folds beautifully, and is very comfortable to wrap yourself up in!

I love the colours of this, even more so than the first one.  The pattern is gorgeous, simple but very effective - so glad I decided to stick with the same stitch.

Love love love it!

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