Tuesday, 22 April 2014

a PE bag for Smiler

At the beginning of the new school year I made Noah and Petal simple drawstring bags to keep their PE kits in - they live on their pegs, and both kids have commented that they like having a bag that isn't the same as everyone else's in the class.

But I didn't make one for Smiler (bad mummy, bad bad!) - he has hydrotherapy weekly, but PE doesn't happen often, so there seemed no point in him having one.  But - he is now going to be going to Exercise Club on Mondays after school which means, of course, he now needs a PE bag!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Smiler has a thing about moustaches - I blame the In The Night Garden episode where Mr Pontipine's moustache flies off and lands in various places, including on the carousel.  Hysterical.  Apparently.  So, when wondering through one of my favourite online fabric shops - Prints to Polka Dots - I spotted this, and how could I possibly resist?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are stacks of fab online tutorials for making simple drawstring bags - my favourite is this one from In Color Order which I used recently for these knitting project bags.  This time I used the same fabric for the lining as for the top 3" of the exterior (which covered the drawstring element), which reduced the cutting/seaming and looks (I think) better.  The other alteration was more structural - when seaming the sides of the exterior, I pinned the edge pieces (where the drawstrings will come out of the bag) back on themselves, so that these are edged by tidy hemmed edges, instead of the raw edges showing.

I did, of course, do that classic thing of making it without measuring because I'm too lazy and then looking at it and thinking oh bugger - his PE stuff is NEVER going to fit in that...  But it does.  Jogging bottoms, two t-shirts and a zip up hooded jumper!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, Smiler's PE bag, complete with Smiler.  He was being teased that it wasn't really for him, which explains the expression on his face!  He hugged it for the rest of the day, telling all of us that it's his bag and he's taking it into school next week to show his teachers.  

Definitely a sewing success.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{{Technical Stuff for those who might want to know}}

Blue fabric is gabardine, moustache fabric is quilting cotton (Riley Blake/Geekly Chic), green dots used as lining is cotton poplin.  Exterior pieces have Vilene G700 woven interfacing.  Sourced from Prints To Polka Dots 

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