Tuesday, 15 April 2014

picnic time! {a family photo story}

So beautiful outside that even I went out to enjoy the sunshine today - okay, yes, I had to go out because that was where the food was.  But it was (and actually still is) very very sunny out there...

Poor Mr Manley is not very well, and Smiler doesn't look that impressed either, but let's just put that down to my photography skills being lacking - looking up from someone's feet is never going to be a flattering angle...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The snack-y picnic-y food went down well - the breadboard covered in crumbs was actually full of bread and crackers at first, I just didn't get the camera out quick enough to catch it!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Note the guinea pig run - Sam chose to hide every time I pointed the camera at him though... He's our one remaining guinea pig, so if anyone has a solo pig at home who would like some company, give me a shout - free to a good (local) home and all that!

I have no idea why there is a cardboard box on a stick.  My guess would be some kind of den, but they won't tell me - apparently it's a secret. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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