Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the great outdoors : how does your garden grow?

A gorgeous sunny day in Bristol yesterday, so I took my camera into the garden and look what I found ...

A long tailed tit (thank you, RSPB bird identifier!); a bleeding heart; a couple of rhubarb crowns that I'm hoping will provide for some jam once they've grown up a bit (love rhubarb jam); and an everlasting sweet pea coming through - pretty impressive bearing in mind they were planted seven or eight years ago! (I know they're supposed to be everlasting, but things don't tend to work out like that if I have anything to do with planting them!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another exceptionally bushy bleeding heart (with white flowers, although none of them are out yet); buds on the pear tree; some of my gorgeous bridal wreath shrub, which looks amazing at the moment - as if it's covered in snow;
and little bulbs I can't remember the name of, but they might be 'grape' something or other - I want to say musky, but that's probably not it.  You'd never guess I wasn't the gardener of the family would you?!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Depending on who you ask, the two characters hiding in the puddle of aqualigeas are either the Moaning Stones (Gravel and Granite) from Zingzilla Island, or else the bubble gum chewing Easter Island head from Night at the Museum;  Petal's baby fennel plants, which self seeded in the playbark - she lovingly transplanted them into small pots and then promptly forgot about; strawberry plants, planted up from the runners last autumn; and an incredibly sunny daffodil.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now this is our cherry tree.  It was a family decision, and choosing it took most of the day, but I got some fab photos!  And not only have we not managed to kill it yet, it's growing and now flowering, so I guess we must be doing something right!  It was from Chew Valley Trees - highly recommended!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So that's my garden this week - lots going on, and lots still to come...
How's your garden been growing lately?  Is it bursting with spring time potential, or does it needed a bit of attention?  
I have to confess, I'm not a very garden-y person - I like the idea and everything, I'm just too lazy forgetful to actually grow anything very much.  But I do like taking a blanket, a pillow and a rubbishy book out in the summer and laying on the grass until I fall asleep in the sunshine - does that count?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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