Wednesday, 21 May 2014

alphabet boy - for those that know Smiler

A for amazing, for the affection that beams from your smile, your eyes, your everything
B for bravery, big brother, books, and belief in our words, trusting us to tell you the truth
C for character, curiosity, and closing all the doors (even those we wanted open...) and car trucks - your favourite thing to spot on the road
D for dude, and determination - defying the expectations of so many of those doctors of yours
E for enthusiasm, eagerness, entertaining, and extraordinary - every day is extraordinary with you
F for funny, for friends, food and family - all at the same time is even better!
G for giggling, genuine and generous - loving to share, to see others smile
H for humour, and hugs - holding on to us so tight you are forever imprinted on our hearts, on our lives
I for so much of you - individual, independant, and incredible
J for joker, jumpers and jam - on your toast for breakfast, then on your face for the next hour or two
K for kindness, and kitchens to cook in, as fond of making as you are of eating
L for laughter, the love of your siblings, and you as a litmus test, separating out the types of people
M for mischief, memories and making a difference
N for normal, for natter, for nosey -  and for noise
O for optimistic, only you, truly one of a kind
P for personality, so developed a self, but certainly not the most patient of people!
Q for quality of life - something you show us all the time, delighting in the simplest of pleasures
R for resilience, for raindrops falling on your head, and for you turning pages, reading books to yourself
S for siblings that love you, surprises and smiles
T for trust, letting us tickle your sensitive feet and spot that brightest twinkle in your eye
U for unique, for upset - holding a hand or stroking another's hair if they're upset
V for  volume - making noise is a favourite past time, singing along to the radio, 'louder, louder'
W for water, for the tidal wave as you twist and slide in the bath
X for kisses - a kiss good morning, a kiss goodnight, a kiss better, a kiss to say thank you, a kiss to say I love you
Y for young man, leaving childhood behind you
Z for catching those z's, snuggled on my lap, leaning your head against me as I feel your heart beat

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is my people who know Smiler alphabet.  Last year I wrote a people who don't know Smiler one, about what they see when they look at my gorgeous son - we definitely have the best view!

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