Sunday, 4 May 2014

time for veggie kebabs {MorrisonsMum}

These are always a big hit with everyone - vegetable kebabs!  You can do them under an ordinary grill, but today for us it's all about the barbeque!  In case you're thinking of using those metal skewers that have been at the back of your kitchen drawer for years even though you have no idea where they came from, don't - they'll get hot while the veg is being grilled, and then you'll burn your hand when you pick them up...go on, ask me how I know!

Something else I really like with these kebabs is that Petal and Noah can make their own, and Smiler can give us the next piece he wants on his.  Because there's no meat there isn't worry about washing hands or mixing up plates - perfect family friendly food!

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What do I need?

  • three peppers
  • five onions
  • six tomatoes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What do I do?

  1. Strip the papery layers off of your onions, and chop them into quarters.
  2. Quarter your tomatoes.
  3. Core the peppers, then chop into chunks.
  4. Take your wooden skewer, and start threading your vegetable pieces on - make sure you will have enough of the skewer vegetable-free to hold.  I leave a bit of a gap between each chunk, so that they cook through properly.
  5. Turn over a couple of times while they're cooking, and you'll notice some chargrilled edges as the veg cooks.
  6. Since everything on your skewers can be eaten at any stage of cook-ed-ly-ness, you can take your kebabs off whenever you choose but be very careful - those chargrilled chunks of vegetables will be very very hot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So how much did the vegetable kebabs cost?

I had wooden skewers already, so couldn't add them into the numbers.  These amounts of veg will give you ten generously loaded skewer-fuls, so how many you want for each person depends entirely on how much else there is to eat, and hungry you are!

  • pack of three peppers 99p
  • five onions :: 52p {69p a pack, ¾ used}
  • six tomatoes 99p

Price per serving (of two kebabs) :: 50p

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase the ingredients for this meal, but all opinions are mine and are the truth - I promise!}

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