Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bristol Food Connections Festival

One of the best things about living in a city as diverse and vibrant as Bristol is the random events that you get to see - waterslide down Park Street anyone?

But that wasn't our destination this weekend.  We were heading for the Bristol Food Connections Festival.  You know how sometimes you hear about something and you take a chance and go, knowing that it might be great or it might be a complete let down?  Well, it was like that.

And it turned out to be a great day!

When we headed to the children's area first, and surprised to find it looking a bit sparce - actually, that's not accurate.  There was only one tent, run by Goodies.  I'm not knocking the stand, the staff there were lovely, and they had a bunch of activities on through the day - I think it might be worth the organisers looking carefully at what they want to achieve with the mix of stall holders, but I'll explain another day!  Meanwhile, in the Goodies area...fruit squash, colouring, seed planting, story telling and a wish tree.  I loved the wish tree - *whispers* I would actually like to have one of my very own...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We crossed our fingers and continued through Millennium Square, where there were lots and lots of food stalls, but the fountains had been turned off - still trying to give this Festival the benefit of the doubt, and carried on to Lloyd's Amphitheatre...

...where there was loads of things going on!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first tent we came to was run by @Bristol - the science museum in central Bristol.  Very child friendly, very interactive - the staff were lovely, explaining to the kids (and the adults!) what was happening and why.  It turns out they had brought along some of their next set of exhibits - kind of like real-world testing!  You could grind some grain and take home the flour; pop corn with energy you generated yourself; learn about healthy food choices - so much to do!

One exhibit was focused on milk, which was a big hit - you could actually milk the cow.  It wasn't real milk, or a real cow for that matter, but Noah and Petal loved it!  Though he ruled out a cow, Mr Manley has now decided that our dream house (you know, the house you'll live in when you win the lottery) will have to have enough 'land'(!) to keep a goat, and possibly a few pigs.  Don't ask me.  We don't even buy lottery tickets.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then there was the inflatable sumo suits.  We first spotted them when there were two little boys in then - their legs and arms were not actually long enough to reach out of the suits, so as soon as they tried to get to each other they both fell straight on top of each other instead.  Serious giggles from all the grown ups watching!

Next up were Noah and Petal...

The photo at the top left kind of says it all - look at the wide eyes!  Although their limbs were on the shorter end of the suitable-for-sumo-suits scale, moving was still next to impossible - Noah managed to launch himself at Petal, who tipped over backwards.  Of course once Petal was down, she was a bit like an upturned turtle - she could try and flap her arms and legs but there was no way she could right herself!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, that was our abstract Food Festival day.  We had a great time, and are hoping it will become an annual event - if the queues at the stands were anything to go by, there is definitely demand for a repeat!

I managed to take a couple of photos of the kids where they look relaxed and are all looking in the same direction!  
Yay me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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