Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Budget Stirfry

Just wanted to share my very yummy (bargain based) tea this evening ::
Mange tout 2p
Fresh egg noodles 30p (two packs for 60p)
Three green peppers 21p
Spring onions 5p
Sesame seeds, Chinese five spice powder and homemade sweet chilli sauce {from my cupboard}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Slice the peppers, chop the mange tout and spring onion.

A little oil in the wok, hob on high, throw in the veg - stir!

After a couple of minutes add the noodles - keep stirring!

Add the chilli sauce and five spice powder and then what next I wonder?  Oh yes - stir!

After a couple of minutes chuck in a handful (ish) of sesame seeds.  Stir for another minute or two.

Tip into a bowl, and grab a fork.

Dig in.

88p for five of us

That's less than 18p a serving.

And that is why
I love the Asda reduced fruit and veg section!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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