Saturday, 3 May 2014

expressions #5

This is Petal through and through - calm, measured, thinking carefully about her options! 

Expressions - Actually Mummy...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. How lovely that you see who she really is through this face. It's a good thing to be so thoughtful, and something that is coming with age to us. It's so good to watch it develop. Thanks for joining in x

    1. Thank you Helen - you know sometimes you look at them and get a sudden flash of what they're going to be like as an adult? That! Loving joining in with #Expressions, seen some gorgeous pictures!
      Take care Helen
      L x

  2. That is a great expression, and good qualities to have x #expressions

  3. ooh i wonder what she is pondering about? #expressions

  4. Such a great picture and so lovely that you can read her expression so well


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