Monday, 19 May 2014

square peg, round hole special needs link up

This weekly link up provides a regular opportunity to showcase those favourite posts from small scale blogs which touch on the day to day reality of living with a child or young person with special needs.

 Any (non sponsored) post on any subject can be linked up - new or not - maybe you'd like to share a favourite photo of your child; a parenting tactic that you've found helpful; a family day out; or something you've really struggled with.  Perhaps you'd like to tell us about a great cake you baked last week; a news article that wound you up; the new zumba teacher you doubt you're ever going to be able to keep up with.  The idea is that anyone who writes about special needs can join in, even if the post you link up doesn't relate directly to that topic.

  The link will open on Monday mornings, you can add a post right through to Friday lunchtime, and every four weeks a post from all those entered will be chosen to win a small prize and - once I've worked out how to do it - a shiny new badge to put on their blog!

The usual link up requests apply - please visit other linked up posts, and let the writers know you were there by leaving a comment, and please let your twitter followers know when you've linked up by using #SquarePeg

(cross your fingers for me...)

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