Saturday, 10 May 2014

square pegs :: a special needs link up

This is a new one for me, so I expect complete forgiveness and understanding when it all goes wrong, okay?

There are lots of families out there whose day to day life includes a square peg that simply does not fit in the round holes of the world we live in.  Parenting is hard enough, but these square pegs take it a whole step further.  We have to become physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, nurses, behavioural experts, teachers, occupational therapists, nutritionists, medical experts, and advocates.  

I've read some amazing posts lately, written from the heart by parents who are so much more, and whose ability to take excellent care of their child with special needs as well as juggling everything else astounds me.

From a twitter conversation with some of the bloggers who wrote these lovely posts (you know who you are!) and we realised that however wonderfully written they are it can be difficult to compete with the (also amazing) established blogs when it comes to blog awards.  Such is life. 

Through this twitter conversation the idea came up of hosting our own awards - for those small scale blogs which touch on the reality of living with a child with special needs, as well as all kinds of other things.  Rather than making it a one off award I want to create an opportunity to showcase those favourite blog posts on a more regular basis, so we can share in the ups and downs of life with a child who does things differently.  Any (non sponsored) post can be linked up - maybe you'd like to share a favourite photo of your child; a parenting tactic that you've found helpful; something you've really struggled with.  Perhaps you'd like to share the story of a family day out, or tell us about your child or their condition.

So here it is - the square peg link up, for those of us who do not find the world to be a perfect fit.  The idea is that anyone who writes about special needs can join in, even if the post they link doesn't relate directly to that topic.  The link will open on Mondays, you can add a post right through to Saturday, and every four weeks we'll pick a favourite post from all those which have been entered (if you'd like to help me choose the winner then let me know!).  The post chosen will win a small prize, and (once I've worked out how to do it) a shiny new badge to put on their blog!  

It would be great if you could spread the word on twitter or Facebook, or drop an email to someone you think might like to join in - my nightmare right now is that not a single person will link up, so please don't let it come true!

I'll publish the first square peg post on Monday, so I hope to see you then.


  1. Hi... just a heads up to everyone. A SN blog awards is on its way, we're just getting confirmation that all involved are happy. We'll announce as soon as we can!


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