Sunday, 4 May 2014

time for a drink {MorrisonsMums}

You know those fancy cocktails you get with straws and (if you're very lucky) an umbrella in?  I remember seeing them when I was little, on holiday, and always thought they looked so pretty and special, all those jewelled shades, those posh glasses, those fancy paper umbrellas...

Something that I've tried to do, over the years, is to catch up and have, as an adult, the experiences that I didn't have as a child.  Sometimes with the kids, sometimes on my own, depending on what it was.  And fancy cocktails - well, they're very do able, and a fab treat for Smiler, Noah and Petal.

I've written the instructions out purely because my neighbour told me she wouldn't know where to begin - she became daunted by the idea and kind of froze, so I figured I'd include it in case there's anyone else out there who might find it useful.  The kids named them - Cherry Apple Crush was very nearly called Fizzy Juice, but that choice lost out in the final round of voting.

Also worth pointing out that the kids disagreed entirely when we told them they were mocktails - since they were fake cocktails they were adamant they should be focktails.  *cough cough*  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tropical Fruit Fizz (the orange one)

  • ½ carton of mango juice
  • ½ carton of pineapple juice
  • ½ carton of orange juice
  • 500 mls of lemonade

What do I do? 

  1. Open your three cartons
  2. Pour in the juice and lemonade
  3. Add ice cubes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Cherry Apple Crush (the pink one)

  • one carton cherry juice
  • ½ carton apple juice
  • one litre of lemonade

What do I do?

  1. Shake the fruit juice cartons and open
  2. Pour into a jug with the lemonade
  3. Add some ice cubes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, how much did these mock-tails cost?

There are five of us, and this quantity did all of us for lunch and then the rest of the day, which included a trampoline, a swing a trampoline, rescuing a dog that got stuck in brambles(not our dog - Eli is just fine!), frisbee, rounders/cricket-ish games.  I should point out that Mr Manley added some extras to his that meant they weren't mock anything!  Here's the detailed price breakdown :

  • Lemonade :: 13p {17p - used ½}
  • Apple juice :: 23p {45p- used ½
  • Orange juice :: 23p {45p - used ½}
  • Cherry juice             }
  • Mango juice.            } :: £1.67  {£2.50 - used ⅔}
  • Pineapple juice.      }

Price per serving :: 45p

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase the ingredients for this meal, but all opinions are mine and are the truth - I promise!}


  1. I know! Can you imagine the conversation the teachers would overhear? 'We had focktails this weekend, in a wine glass with an umbrella in it'
    Think I might get a phone call from the head!
    Take care Susan, and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Such fun and lovely photographs. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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