Saturday, 3 May 2014

time for a picnic {MorrisonsMum}

Gorgeous georgous weather today, so a fab day for a picnic - a picnic in the back garden!

I love the rich bold colours of picnic food - the glistening cucumbers, the bright red of the cherry tomatoes, the vivid sunset orange of the carrots.  The kids all love cucumber and as Smiler tends to eat his fluids rather than drinking them (he struggles to control liquid in his mouth) cucumber is one of the easiest ways to provide this.  Luckily, as the cucumbers in Morrisons were only 49p I was quite happy to cut a whole one into sticks and let him snack as much as he wanted!

A pack of dips is always a good thing, with the afore mentioned cucumber sticks (and crunchy carrot sticks too) but rather than take the four dip selection pack we switch each into their own plastic box which is watertight when clipped closed - then they're much easier to chuck in a bag with a baguette or a couple of clip boxes of carrot and cucumber sticks.  It saves waste too - I'm sure I can't be the only parent that has been sat out on the blanket after a wonderful picnic trying to work out if there is any way to get the half empty plastic dip tray back home without covering everything in onion and garlic dip!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One of the new-to-us bits of shopping were little chicken tikka pasties - you know how food is more appealing when it's littler?  It was like that - they looked so cute!  Of course Petal declined (newly fledged vegetarian) but they were a huge hit with Mr Manley and Noah.  They were pretty sturdy too - even though we didn't have to travel for our picnic I don't think a couple of hours bashing around in a cool bag as we trekked around a zoo or something would have done them any harm.

Something else we spotted and had not had before were Quorn mini scotch eggs - Petal was most impressed!  Obviously they fitted the no food with a face requirement, but they were really tasty too.  It's funny to see how set in those shopping habits you can get, buying pretty much the same things each time, compared to wandering up and down aisles when you have no clue what's coming up next - I definitely recommend it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pom bear crisps!  Love love love pom bear crisps!
Why?  Just look at them!  Every single crisp is a little bear waving at you - how could you possibly resist?  They're yummy - not too salty but not flavourless either.  And they're probably the only pack of crisps that you aren't disappointed by when you open it up - it's actually full of crisps.  And, last but not least, they cost a pound.  £1.  Six proper sized packs of crisps for £1.  Woo hoo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, that leads on nicely to the how much does it cost section!  Here's the breakdown ...

  • Cherry tomatoes :: 48p  {99p - used ½}
  • Cucumber :: 49p
  • Carrots :: 43p  {85p - used ½}
  • Four dip selection :: 25p  {£1 - used ¼}
  • Part baked baguettes :: 90p {45p/pack of 2, used 2 packs}
  • Pom bear crisps :: 34p  {£1 - used ⅓}
  • Quorn scotch eggs :: £1.09 
  • Prawn crackers :: 35p  {70p - used ½}
  • Chicken tikka bites :: 60p  {89p - used ⅔}
  • Artichokes hearts :: 75p  {£1.50 - used ½}
  • Pickled onions :: 17p  {£1.39 - used ⅛}
  • Jam & custard jammy dodgers :: 49p
  • Onion chutney :: 25p  {£1 - used ¼}
  • Tortilla chips :: 35p  {70p - used ½}
  • Black olives :: 35p  {70p - used ½}
  • Gerkins :: 22p  {£1.75 - used ⅛}
  • Apples :: 50p  {£1.50 - used ⅓}
  • Bananas :: 46p  {92p - used ½}
  • Grapes :: £1 {£2 - used ½ pack}

Price per serving :: £1.89

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
{I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase the ingredients for this meal, but all opinions are mine and are the truth - I promise!}


  1. Oh what a lovely idea having a picnic in the garden. I think we are going to pretend to go camping in the garden one day.

    1. The kids have loved it when we've done that - torch's can be a lot of fun out in the dark - check out some good animal shadow shapes beforehand! And remember, hot chocolate with marshmallows can never be a bad thing...
      Take care

  2. Love your photos on this post in particular. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  3. Thank you Kate, what a lovely thing to say! Have really enjoyed taking part, so thank you to Morrisons and BritMums for the opportunity!
    Take care - I hope you had an enjoyable weekend too!


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