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time for a pyjama party {MorrisonsMum}

Every so often we have pyjama parties at home.  Everyone in their PJs, dressing gown, slippers or fluffy socks - it's the rules!  (Except that poor Mr Manley has to get dressed and take Eli for a walk, and then get undressed again!)  Petal stumbles in, ladened down with her pillow and blankets, and starts arranging her nest on the floor.  Noah tries out all the chairs, seeing which one is the most comfortable today and has the best eyeline to the TV.  Smiler dithers, standing in front of the DVDs, trying to decide whether he's in the mood for the Lorax or Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians or Kung Foo Panda.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first pyjama party we had was by default - Mr Manley and I were both ill, and the best way to keep the kids calm and happy with the least level of attention needed from us was to let them overdose on TV.  Snacky easy food, film after film - they loved it!  Part of the birthday deal in our family (along with your choice of breakfast treat, your choice of dinner, something with your friends, and birthday cake - obviously) is that you choose a family thing to do - a day at the zoo, or ice skating, or @Bristol - except all of us now choose to have a pyjama party.

Pyjama party food is, by definition, party food.  Popcorn, biscuits, fruit, sweets, pizza maybe, or some garlic bread - anything easy and treat-y.  This was the first time I'd gone treat shopping at Morrisons, so I figured it would be a good test for their new cheaper Morrisons

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What do I need?

My shopping list was pretty vague, mainly because this an area where I planned to be led by special offers, and get plenty of treat items to enjoy in front of the TV.  In addition I knew we'd be using up other bits and pieces that were left over from the last few days, so the list looked something like this  ::

  • Popcorn (essential with all the DVDs we were going to be watching)
  • Biscuits 
  • Sweets
  • Fruit
  • Chips
  • anything else that looked good!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, a pyjama party by Morrisons - what was that like?

We don't tend to buy Penguins and popcorn and chips, and I was pleasantly surprised at the prices - some of which were on offer.  The offer meant that a pack of Penguin bars was cheaper than the own brand with almost identical packaging, which seemed a strange choice for Morrisons to make, but I suppose people get used to buying the same items every time, so could have chosen the own brand pack on autopilot.  Or maybe make the brand ones cheap, so people buy them, then once the offer was over people might switch to the (cheaper) own brand option?  What do you think?

Party rings are considered mandatory for any kind of party by Smiler, Noah and Petal, so I was pleased to see they were half price - it's when I see something that I know we'll go through on an offer like that that I usually buy several packs and stick them in the cupboard so they're there when we need them - a practice Me Manley does not tend to approve of unless it's cider.  But I suppose his reluctance could be linked to the fact that I buy the six packs of party rings (for example), and then hand them to him to fit into the cupboard...

The only item that didn't go down well was the Bombay mix - we had purposefully chosen the bargain / cheap / value one, considering it something of a test and hey, what can I say - it failed.  The kids said it was too spicy, even though they often have Bombay mix from Asda in their lunch boxes, and Mr Manley said he wouldn't want the cheap one again - fair enough!

There was a good range of sweets - I think they were 39p each or 3 for a pound, which works out nicely when you have three kids!  There was white chocolate mice (of course), jelly beans, marshmallows, dolly mixtures - Petals grumble was that most of the sweets were not suitable for vegetarians, but on the plus side this was clearly marked on the pack.

We got a big pack of McCain chips, which was tagged as one of their I'm Cheaper items, so it should stay at the price it is now.  I like the theory - taking a range of high selling items dropping the price as little and then fixing it there - but my natural cynicism means I wonder if these prices will gradually creep back up...
I guess we'll have to wait and see!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How much did it cost?

  • Chips :: 40p {£3 - used ⅔)
  • Onion Rings :: 15p {75p}
  • Party rings :: 10p {50p}
  • Jam&Custard dodgers :: 10p {49p}
  • Penguins :: 15p {74p}
  • Wonka bar :: 20p {50p - used 2}
  • Pom bear crisps :: 10p {£1 - used ½}
  • Popcorn :: 13p {66p}
  • Bombay mix :: 13p {64p}
  • Pickled onions :: 7p {£1.39 - used ¼}
  • Prawn crackers :: 14p {70p}
  • Milk chocolate peanuts :: 15p {75p}
  • Kids sweets (white choc mice etc) :: 40p {£2}
  • Grapes :: 20p {£1}
  • Satsumas :: 20p {£1}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Price per person :: £2.62

{I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase the ingredients for this meal, but all opinions are mine and are the truth - I promise!}

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  1. A pj party sounds like a lot of fun. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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