Monday, 5 May 2014

time for a taste test {MorrisonsMum}

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. 


Breakfast during the week in our house is either toast or boring cereal, and weekends might be porridge, scrambled eggs on toast, doughnut bread, a big pile of fruit, or weekend cereal (weekend cereal is the cereal that is either too expensive to have on offer seven mornings a week, or else really sugary.  In which case only I am allowed to eat it).  Fruit and fibre comes into the too expensive for every day cereal category, but the Morrisons own brand was much less, so we decided a taste test was in order!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We bought a 500g box of Kelloggs Fruit and Fibre, and a 500g box of Morrisons Fruit and Fibre.  Kelloggs was £2.69, Morrisons £1.49, so a big difference in the price.
The new Morrisons I'm Cheaper pricing policy had been applied to their own one, which means it has been reduced in price not just for a promotion, but for everyday - I think it will be interesting to see how long prices actually do stay down, but I digress!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On with the taste test! 

Smiler didn't want to play so we got out two bowls, filled one with each cereal.  Noah and Petal got a piece of paper each, split into two columns (cereal A and cereal  and a pen, to write down their options of each.
First, they looked at both cereals before milk was added, smelled it (apparently taste tests should include smell and sight too...), and wrote their thoughts down in the correct columns.

Let the eating commence!

We poured in milk, assigned Petal to try bowl A first, and Noah bowl B.  After a minute (Smiler was helping with timings) they wrote down their thoughts, and then switched bowls for the second sample, and documented their opinion of the other ones.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There was much earnest discussion of the results, and some very serious faces, but here are the main points :

Bowl A ::
  • lots of pieces of fruit (but not many raisins)
  • bran flakes were big and crunchy
  • smelled nice
  • got soggy quite quickly once milk was put in
Bowl B ::
  • lots of different types of fruit
  • apple pieces which were so so so so yummy
  • smelled nice
  • stayed crunchy
Given the choice of another bowl of the one they liked best, both Noah and Petal choose Bowl B, which was...drum roll please... Morrisons!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was pleasantly surprised by the cereal - Mr Manley and I did our own taste test, and I think I agree with the kids - the texture thing got me - I like cereal to be crunchy!  I think because I'm not a regular Morrisons shopper I had (sorry Morrisons) fairly low expectations of the quality, but would happily shop there again.  The kids are already asking if we can get some other weekend cereal from there to try out, so we'll definitely be back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase the ingredients for this meal, but all opinions are mine and are the truth - I promise!}


  1. Always fun to do a taste test - good fun for the children and the grown-ups. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

    1. I'm thinking it might be necessary to do a taste test on posh chocolate...
      Thanks Kate, I hope everything is on a more even keel these days.
      Take care
      L x


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