Friday, 2 May 2014

time to shop {#MorrisonsMum}

I had £80 of Morrisons vouchers to spend for the bank holiday weekafter talking to the kids we decided that today, Friday, was the day to do it.  Smiler opted out, after making sure we understood his requests (wraps, chocolate, and ice cream), so we picked Noah and Petal up from school and off we went.

First impressions - big car park, lots of trolleys (stored inside so dry even if it's pouring down), the huge tall security guard, helping a slightly confused elderly lady who was having trouble picking up one basket, and kept getting two or three every time, but he sorted it for her.  The fresh produce looked bright and colourful, the guy behind the fish counter (the fishmonger would that be?) noticed Noah's fascination with the crayfish and chatted to him about what he could see - a big hit with Noah, as you can imagine!

The shelves were all pretty full - I remember being told to 'face up' when I worked in Holland and Barrett - don't know if that is a recognised phrase or a geographic thing, but Morrisons shelves were tidy with no big gaps, and plenty of staff stacking up and keeping things neat.  I asked a woman where I would find something specific and she not only told me where I needed to go, but actually accompanied me there and pointed out a special offer, which I was really impressed with.  She didn't make me feel like I was bothering her, and was friendly as well as efficient.

Bearing in mind we went on a Friday I was expecting it to be busier - people stocking up for the long bank holiday weekend, you know?  I wonder if it was something of an optical illusion - the aisles were wide, and the main central walkway very spacious, so perhaps it seemed quiet because everyone was spread apart?  Anyway, as you went up and down the aisles you didn't have to think about navigating around other shoppers because there was so much room, which is a big plus as far as I'm concerned, and probably for other shoppers too, especially as Noah and Petal were steering!  Worth keeping in mind for doing shopping with Smiler though - often supermarkets can be a bit of an assault course when you're with a young person who is adamant that they can propel their wheelchair without any help, lots of stands and display units seem to get in the way!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Petal liked that there were pieces of cherry danish pastry to try, as did Noah!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because we tend to make our own bread (not in a posh way, in a-breadmaker-that-does-it-all-for-us way!) I was a bit disappointed that while they stocked (own brand) brown bread flour and wholemeal bread flour, they didn't have white!  This meant we had to buy a branded one for £1.72, while Tesco and Asda stock their own brand version costing 82p.

Bargain hunters that we are, we found the reduced / quick sale still fresh section, and got some bits and pieces - surprised to find everything in there was half price or less - no piddly 20p off or reduced to what it would cost on offer anyway - you know, £3 each or two for £5, reduced to £2.50.  I can't help it - that kind of stuff really winds me up!  I don't like to feel I've been had by th big companies, you know?  But judging by their get-it-while-it's-fresh cabinet this afternoon, I won't put Morrisons on my naughty list - I'm sure they'll be very relieved!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loved that there were plenty of tills open - so much better than having few open with longer queues, even though obviously there are staffing (read financial) implications that go along with that choice.

Talking of staff, the lady who served us was Gladys - she was lovely.  Chatted with the kids, cheerful, relaxed - she clearly loves her job, and although she was a little flustered when I asked if it was okay to take a photo, she ended up smiling!  

And yes, that was our receipt.
Yes, it really was that long.
No, I'm not telling you what it all cost

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bags in the trolley, trolley to the car (okay, van), bags in to the van, trolley to the trolley shed (don't know if that's what it's meant to be called, but it's what we call it!), Petal into the van ... via the bollards.
The end.
...but not quite...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shopping into the house.  
This is why I had kids.
To help with getting the shopping into the house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was given Morrisons vouchers to use on food for the bank holiday shop, but all opinions expressed are my own. 
I promise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. oh wow! sounds like you had an excellent experience!! I didn't dare too take too many photos on my spree! I got weird looks from the staff lol. I did take lots of pics of vegetables though!

  2. Great to hear about your shopping as a Morrisons Mum and the things you noticed. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  3. Further to your comment about no white bread flour. I have found out today that Morrsions no longer stock own brand bread flour due to lack of demand. I was directed to the much more expensive branded product on the shelves. This is happening to a number of their products at the moment.


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