Friday, 16 May 2014

Word of the Week

It's Friday - time to think about that word, and join up to TheReadingResidence linky.  So, which word describes my week - of all those words out there, which to choose?  I'm going to go for ::


sunshine (ˈsʌnˌʃaɪn)
1. (Astronomy) the light received directly from the sun
2. the warmth from the sun
3. a sunny area
4. a light-hearted or ironic term of address

ˈsunˌshiny adj
(Sourced here)

Sunshine just seems to make everything better - you know?  I got a new garden chair in the week, and I love it.  My beautiful irises are flowering.  Our guinea pig made a break for freedom and is currently living free-range in the garden.  
Sunshine.  It's all good.

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The Reading Residence

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  1. Sunshine does seem to make things so much better. Bless your little guinea pig! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Sunshine is fabulous isn't it?! And way to go guinea pig :-)

  3. Ahh I love the sunshine! It's been glorious this week! It does make everything so much better x

  4. Sunshine really does make the world a brighter place :-) #WotW


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