Friday, 9 May 2014

Word of the Week

While it kinda feels like my word of this week should be the name of a supermarket beginning with the letter M, I refuse, and instead I'm going with :: 


luck   (lŭk)
1. The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune: They met one day out of pure luck.
2. Good fortune or prosperity; success: We wish you luck.
3. One's personal fate or lot: It was just my luck to win a trip I couldn't take.
intr.v. luckedluck·inglucks Informal
To gain success or something desirable by chance: lucked into a good apartment; lucked out in finding that rare book.
as luck would have it
As it turned out; as it happened: As luck would have it, it rained the day of the picnic.
in luck
Enjoying success; fortunate.
out of luck
Lacking good fortune.
press/push (one's) luck
To risk one's good fortune, often by acting overconfidently.
try (one's) luck
To attempt something without knowing if one will be successful.

[Middle English lucke, from Middle Dutch luc, short for gheluc.

I've always felt a bit torn in believing in luck..or maybe fate.  There are so many coincidences that, looking back on my life, could have so easily turned out very differently.  For example, I did my a-levels in one of those years when loads and loads of papers had to be remarked.  Three of my four grades were increased when re-marked, but of course that didn't help for uni - I was in clearing with an A and 3B's!  This meant I didn't go where I had expected to go, and instead ended up in Bristol.  My friends and I happened to share a table at a club with a group of guys - and Mr Manley was one of them.  Smiler is a fluke in every sense of the word - he beat odds of one to seven billion.
But last weekend we experienced that loss of control over what was going on around us that makes me want to believe that somehow someone was orchestrating our fate, and it was all going to be okay.  
Very badly.  
And it really hit me that something so utterly unimportant as a breeze in his face or a hiccup could actually take him away from us.  
But not this time.  
So - luck.
Is it bad luck that made him choke, and good luck that got him going again?  Or is it all just undifferentiated luck, and it's just your perspective that personifies luck, making it good or bad, saint or sinner, left or right...
Maybe it's all just luck.


  1. Oh no, that sounds so very scary. So pleased that he's well. Not sure where I stand on luck, to be honest. Isn't it about your attitude to these chance encounters or occurrences? You have me thinking! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Thanks hon - I think you're right about a lot of it depending on how you take it. I'd live to have a few months on an even keel though, you know? Oh well, fingers crossed!
    Take care
    L x


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