Tuesday, 3 June 2014

overheard in Morrisons' car park

Two teenage employees, having a cigarette around the side of the building - one wears a leather jacket, the other has a red beanie hat...

Beanie Boy::  Yeah, I know.  But it's only been out since Friday, and I already got nearly to the end of level 8...
Leather Jacket::  That's nothing - I got to 11 yesterday, and still had the grenade, so if I can get past the squad in the corner, and the shooter by the well, then it'll be done man, game over!
Beanie Boy::  Did you see Sleepy yet?  He flew back last week and put some serious time in over the weekend, but whoa, did he get sliced up!
Leather Jacket::  You'd think it'd be really easy for him - I mean, he's actually in the army, you know?
Beanie Boy::  Yeah.  Hang on, by the well?  There's nobody near the well!
Leather Jacket::  Not til you clear the last house, but then someone must go over while you're inside because they're firing as you come out.  I haven't gone round the back yet, but its the one with the door hanging off - as you come up the stairs and round the corner they come up behind you, with weapons that were hidden in the roof.  That's why you have to get them out before you clear the rest of the houses, but Sleepy - well, I guess he didn't!

{Another teenager joins the group, taking his headphones off as Beanie Boy and Leather Jacket continue the conversation...}

Leather Jacket::  Yeah, I know - he'd be okay otherwise, celebrating I guess, but instead - well, you know, 'Game Over'.  No more Sleepy
New Boy::  Sleepy?

{Beanie Boy and Leather Jacket turn to New Boy, who has turned a little pale}

Beanie Boy::  Yeah...he didn't make it out...
New Boy:: What?  Oh my god!  When?
Beanie Boy::  At the weekend - not sure exactly, but I spoke to him on Saturday afternoon, so after that...
New Boy::  But - but - this weekend you mean?
Leather Jacket::  Yeah - Sunday I think.  Maybe Sunday night?
Beanie Boy::  Yep.  Definitely Before Monday morning anyway - that was when I found out.
New Boy::  What happened?
Leather Jacket::  Well, he made it to the top of the stairs, but most of his lot were already wiped out, so he didn't have any backup, and then, when they came up the stairs behind him, he didn't have a chance.  Sleepy - you know what he's like.  If he'd checked the roof space at least he'd have realised it was a trap, you know?
New Boy::  But I saw his mum... I saw her on Tuesday, she never said anything!
Leather Jacket::  Well, yeah, but it's not like she cares, you know?
Beanie Boy::  Nah, she's never been all that bothered...

{New Boy, still looking a bit pasty, lights another cigarette, having realised he dropped the first one}

New Boy::  So what happened?  How did did it happen?
Beanie Boy::  Was it the stash in the roof space did you say?
Leather Jacket::  Yeah - he should have checked before he went in, but you know Sleepy, half the time he just can't be arsed, you know?
Beanie Boy::  Bet he regretted it that day though!
New Boy::  It's not funny!  How are you laughing about this?
Leather Jacket:: Chill out New Boy!
New Boy::  I'm not going to chill out!  How can you two be like this?  It's Sleepy!  We've known each other forever!
Beanie Boy::  What is your problem?
New Boy::  Sleepy died and you two are laughing about it!
Beanie Boy::  What do you mean, died?
New Boy::  What do you mean, what do I mean?  Died!  On Sunday!  That's what you said!  You said he died on Sunday, and his mum doesn't even care!
Leather Jacket::  Of course she doesn't care - he dies in those games all the time - why would she care?
New Boy::  What?  Game?  What?
Leather Jacket::  Call of Duty man!  Sleepy played it all weekend!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*based on a true story*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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