Thursday, 31 July 2014

The B&W Photography Project :: SS Great Britain, Bristol Harbourside

Love the engine room on the ship - especially when there's an event on and it's running.  The clunking sounds of metal on metal; the smell of the industrial lubricant; the gently mottled metal surfaces; and the huge, almost comically oversized cogs and wheels and axels and bolts.  The rhythmic vibrations you can feel - through your feet, through your fingers, through the air all around you.

Another big draw for me - the remnants of a life so unfamiliar, so alien - like these chains.  Seen out of context the scale is difficult to appreciate, hence Petal for scale!  

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Views of the 
Bristol Harbourside

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  1. Absolutely love these photographs, what a brilliant place to capture in black and white. Seems to bring it alive in a way colour wouldn't - realise that sounds rather odd! Fabulous though, love them. Thank you for sharing and joining in with #bwphotoproject

  2. I know exactly what you mean, and it doesn't sound weird at all! I think when what's in the shot or what it's about matches the starkness of the black and white then it seems more real somehow.


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