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*GIVEAWAY* Transformers Magazine :: reviewed by Noah, Petal and Smiler

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My offspring jumped at the opportunity to review the first issue of a new series of magazines - Transformers : The Age Of Extinction, so I'm going to hand over to them in just a moment.  First, a few points to note - the magazine has a loose target audience of young people aged between six and twelve, which technically encompasses all three, though of course Smiler doesn't run at the same level as his chronological age.  Smiler, Noah and Petal have had various comics and magazines over the years, but nothing Transformers related.

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So, what did everyone think?

Petal, tell me about the magazine.
It's called Transformers : Age of Extinction, and it has a story in, a poster, facts about the Transformers as well as puzzles, games, and it came with a little toy and a card game.
So what was your favourite part?
I love all the puzzles, especially the word search, because I'm really good at them.
What about the stories?
I thought the drawings were really good, and the adventure was quite fun too - it sort of finished but you could see that they would carry it on in the next one, with the same Transformers I mean.

Did it make sense, or do you think you need to know about Transformers to enjoy it properly?
I don't think so - I don't know about Transformers, but I still liked it.  I suppose if you knew more about them then some of the fact things might have been boring because you would already know those facts!
Do you think boys and girls would both like this magazine, or just boys, or just girls?
I think it would be a mixture - probably some boys would like it and some wouldn't, and some girls would like it and some wouldn't, the same as most stuff.
Was there anything about it that you didn't like?
I thought there would be more than one story - there was just one, but it was split into two with puzzles and things in between.
If you could change anything, what would you change?
I would changing the writing they used for the wordsearch - it was all in capitals, which is fine, but the D's and the O's looked exactly the same as each other - I think if you were younger than me then you might not be able to find the words, and that would be really annoying.

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Next up, Smiler.

Smiler liked the poster in the middle of the magazine, so much so that it is now up on his bedroom wall.  The cards and the game board were also a big hit - Smiler happily laid the cards on the board over and over - they are made from that slightly plastic-y card so won't rip easily through use.  He spent a while looking at the pictures of the cars, but wasn't really interested in the story, although the toy 'Breakdown' lead to lots of imaginative play!

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It's your turn now Noah, what did you think?
I quite liked the story but I thought it was a bit young for me - probably better for people who are a couple of years younger than me (I'm eleven).  There were quite a lot of facts about the robots, about when they were cars, but I didn't find that very interesting.
What was your favourite part of the magazine?
I liked the story, the comic strip.  The drawings were good and you kept reading because you wanted to know what happened next to the characters.
How about the puzzles and games?
I don't really like puzzles that much, but I had a look and I think they would be too easy for somebody my age.  
Do you think the magazine would be interesting to boys and girls, or just boys, or just girls?
Boys and girls I think, as long as they liked robots.

If you could change something about the magazine, what would you change?
Can I change two things?  If I could change two things then I'd change the contents page, because it was really confusing, and the second thing I'd change is the toy that you get with it.
What was wrong with the toy?
It doesn't transform!  It's a toy Transformer that you get with a Transformers magazine and it doesn't transform!  If I could only change one thing then I would definitely change the toy.

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So there you have it - Transformers Age of Extinction by Smiler, Noah and Petal.  You can check out the associated website, and this first edition is available in stores now costing £3.99, and issue two will be available from 27th July.  I think it's also worth knowing that you can subscribe to the magazine and save a bit on the cover price, and know that you won't miss an issue - the details are inside.

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** giveaway closed **

If you would like to win your very own copy of this shiny new magazine (well, I mean, you can keep it for yourself, or give it to the kids - it's up to you), then it is easy peasey.  Just leave a comment on this post and I'll choose a comment number at random (UK dwellers only - sorry folks!).  Let me know how to get hold of you and I'll announce the winner at the end of this week - good luck!

The copy reviewed by Smiler, Noah and Petal and the copy offered as a prize were provided free of charge for the purposes detailed, but all opinions expressed are genuine.  Trust me, if you've met my kids you'll know - if they think it, they will say it!

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  1. Me me me - I love Transformers, and I'm working on the kids being fans too! So far it's worked for Teenage mutant ninja turtles, and my little pony! We'd love a copy :-D

  2. I'm sure my 5 year old boy would love the transformers mag (as would my 31 ye old husband!!)

  3. My boys love transformers!

  4. What a great review! My son would love this magazine I'm sure :) @meaddthree


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