Saturday, 5 July 2014

Word of the week

A simple Word of the week post this time round, to link up with The Reading Residence:

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reading (ˈriːdɪŋ)
a. the act of a person who reads
b. (as modifier): a reading rooma reading lamp.
a. ability to read
b. (as modifier): the reading publica child of reading age.
3. any matter that can be read; written or printed text
4. a public recital or rendering of a literary work
5. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the form of a particular word orpassage in a given text, esp where more than one version exists
6. an interpretation, as of a piece of music, a situation, or somethingsaid or written
7. knowledge gained from books: a person of little reading.
8. a measurement indicated by a gauge, dial, scientific instrument,etc
9. (Parliamentary Procedure) parliamentary procedure
a. the formal recital of the body or title of a bill in a legislativeassembly in order to begin one of the stages of its passage
b. one of the three stages in the passage of a bill through alegislative assembly. See first readingsecond readingthird reading
10. (Law) the formal recital of something written, esp a will

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I love to read - I always have.  I used stories as an escape, as a safe place to be when my father was looking for an excuse to hit me, when my life was just too hard to live.  Books were a place of safety, of refuge, and I spent too many nights to remember sat on the floor, with my back against bedroom door and my nose in a book.

As an adult, books have come to represent something entirely different.  I no longer need a safe place to hide, but the skills I learnt as a child still serve me well - I can be sat in the living room while Noah and Petal are dancing with the Wii, Mr Manley and Smiler are playing as game, and I can tune them out completely, focusing entirely on what is going on in between my head and the page, the lives I'm learning about, the drama and romance and pain and excitement.

I have found, however, that it's an easy habit to get out of, and for a while when my brain cloud was causing a lot of pain and my attention span was significantly reduced, so I barely read.  Back in the swing of it now though, and have a stack of books on the go, and another pile of 'read these next'.  There was a 'bookaday' hash tag on twitter, which gave me loads of new ideas, so now in addition to a reading pile, there's the next to read shelf, the buy soon list, and a bunch of others that I've downloaded to my tablet to read.

On the go :
Room (Emma Donoghue)
The Judas Scar (Amanda Jennings)
Perfect (Rachel Joyce)
Second Glance (Jodi Picoult)
When Dan Lived In The Woods (Ben Walking)

So, yep, keep me busy for a good while yet!

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The Reading Residence

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  1. I do love reading. I'm always happiest with a good book on the go and several more in my to-read pile. Glad you've managed to get back into it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you, as always Jocelyn, for hosting! I think it's easy to think you're too busy to read, and veg in front of the TV on an evening instead, but it's worth it, it's just about getting back into that routine for me I think. Thank you for reading, and for commenting too!
      Take care,

  2. Oooh Room by Emma Donaghue is a great book and is one that has stayed with me for a long time! Glad you're enjoying books again :-)

  3. I fall in and out of reading so easily... mostly in favour of children's books and work... I do feel so much better to have a book on the go. Glad you've found your time.


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