Friday, 8 August 2014

an afternoon at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Yesterday was the first day of the four day long Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, and the skies looked promising.

 A Lynx helicopter dropped by, landing in the arena - not really Smiler's thing but both Noah and Petal took a turn sitting in the pilot's seat.

Smiler decided he was going to stay in his chair, under his blanket.  We'd brought blankets because we were planning to stay for the night glow and it can get chilly, but sometimes with Smiler you have to choose your battles, and this one wasn't worth fighting!

Petal and Noah - don't ask me what they were up to, I have no clue.  Absolutely none.

Snacktime, courtesy of the Seed Pantry - believe it or not, the kids were full, and this all ended up being packed away again - oh well, perfect treat for another picnic!

I've spilt this up a bit because of all the photos, but the special shapes launch and the night glow coming soon...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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