Friday, 8 August 2014

Special Shapes Launch {Bristol Balloon Fiesta}

Fancy new Smurf balloon!

The Up balloon!  Not it's proper name, but that's what my lot called it, and they weren't the only ones!  A bit of a crafty 'special shape' - it's actually an ordinary shape covered in shaped vents which gave the impression of a massive bunch of balloons lifting the basket

The lightbulb - probably one of the more easy to make and fly than a lot of the other special shapes, but they still get points for joining in

A new daisy balloon - brought over from the States according to the announcement over the PA - a very special shape, and one of our new favourites.

Miss Daisy was the last special shape to launch, flying off with a cheeky wink

After the special shapes launch there was a wait of a couple of hours before the nightglow...

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