Saturday, 4 October 2014

Paul Hollywood :: how to bake

A sponsored post today, courtesy of Suppose who very kindly sent me a review copy of How To Bake by Paul Hollywood, he of #gbbo fame.  Now cakes I've had plenty of practice with, baking as well as consuming, but bread is another matter entirely, so while I'm in charge of photos, it will be Mr Manley's hands doing the work this time around, but first, the book as is.

Initial impressions are that Paul Hollywood should really consider buying a few new shirts that aren't identical to those he already owns - sorry Paul, I know it's something of a trademark, but really, variety is the spice of life and all that.  I have to admit I tend to be Team Berry on Wednesday evenings as she seems to concentrate on the positive as opposed to the aspects that need to be improved, but the tone of the book is far more encouraging and supportive and positive than many of Paul's ... erm ... constructive comments on Bake Off.  A wide range of recipes covering pies, pastries and even cakes demonstrates he doesn't consider himself an expert only on bread, but as I've plenty of other cookbooks I'd likely peek at first for those, it's really the bread chapters that appeal to me - flavoured breads, sourdoughs, mmm...  Well, I say appeal to me, what I mean is that they appeal to me to eat, and to ask Mr Manley to bake in order that I can eat them.  Same thing, yeah?  Anyway, plenty of photos, pretty straightforward instructions, some slightly fiddly ingredients but nothing you couldn't find in a well stocked supermarket - hopefully no special trips necessary to obtain specialist ingredients!  So far, it looks promising - a well presented book of recipes that seem realistically manageable (says I!), and for £9 I think it would make a great birthday gift for a Bake Off fan or a purchase you can certainly justify for yourself - after all, who wouldn't like the sound of Stilton and Grape Flatbreads, or Apple Brioche, or Chocolate and Apricot Sourdough?

A quick wander around this fantastic World Wide Web of ours tells me that while the cover price for the hard cover edition is £20, it's selling for £16 at Waterstones, £13.60 at WHSmiths, not being carried by either Asda or Tesco at the moment, but just £9 on Amazon - free delivery too of course.  This highlights the handiest aspect of Suppose - by registering on the site and then tracking products you're interested in you can receive alerts when the price changes - as it did earlier this week, down to just £5!  

Instead of having to search around sites yourself, you can sit back and wait until you get an alert that you like the look of, then follow their link to take you straight to the place with the best deal.  So, if you fancy your own copy of How To Bake, here's the page you'll want to check out - if you aren't sure yet, I'm setting Mr Manley to work making a few of the recipes so just sign up to get new posts by email or check back in a few days to see the full results of the first Hollywood/James collaboration!

{ I was sent the book for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my very own.  Promise. }


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