Monday, 23 February 2015

organisation's what you need...

I've been - don't laugh - organising my glassy nook.  I am not what you'd call a tidy person* - I'm more of a subscriber to the 'creative minds are rarely tidy' school of thought, but my corner of glass has been steadily growing and I now can't find the things I'm looking for.
(*understatement of the year)

So I bought myself some tough looking storage boxes with separation-y compartment-y trays, and got sorting.  I've found some bits and pieces that I made before the brain cloud, so the things I like are going on Folksy and bits that I don't like, if they can't be salvaged somehow, are going in the bin.  

Yes.  The bin.  Well, the recycling anyway.

That's the plan.

Cross your fingers for me, and send a search party if you still haven't heard from me in a week or so.  Seizures with no warning and lots and lots of glass do not a healthy combination make!

• • • • •

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