Saturday, 21 February 2015

word of the week

It's school holidays here in Bristol, and we've been keeping it fairly low key, and low cost, so my word of the week is

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adj. fre·erfre·est
1 ... 
a. Costing nothing; gratuitous: free meal.
b. Publicly supported: free education.

sourced here

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I'm sure everyone has times when they're feeling 'poor', and we're saving up at the moment in preparation for moving house, so trying to watch the pennies a bit.  We're not the ones who casually buy a coffee every time we're at softplay,  or popcorn at the cinema, so the kids don't tend to notice the difference.   We don't have a weekly budget or anything that organised, but we do spend more when the kids are home from school - entrance costs to places, a meal out maybe - so we've been trying to find free fun instead.  Although the weather hasn't been that great we've made the most of the drier days by taking Eli on great long walks...

...and making faces at each other in the car.  Never underestimate the entertainment value of sticking your tongue out at your kids!

And, of course, it's free!

What word sums up your week?

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  1. Sounds fun! Oh yes, my kids love pulling faces, too, and we can never really beat a trip to the park. Lovely photos :) Thanks for joining in again with #WotW x

    1. The 'Who Can Pull The Grumpiest Face' contest is always a favourite! Thank you for hosting #wotw

  2. Brilliant and sound really fun. Great photos! We do pull faces too. lol
    Our week sums up with the word "two". :)

  3. Thank you Melody - popping over to read about 'two'! #wotw


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