Tuesday, 17 March 2015

dream house weirdness

Weird thing happened today.  Actually, weird things.  We went to look at two houses - next door to each other as it happened, but one had a loft conversion and was more expensive.  From the pictures online Mr Manley and I both preferred the more expensive one,  but figured we might as well visit them both.  So we popped into the estate agent yesterday, (as the offer on Cyril and Pam's house has been accepted by the executors and they hope to complete within four weeks) and arranged to visit them this morning.  Got everyone to school,  and made our way to the road. 

First weird thing : Uncle Cyril always spoke of how many 30ths of the estate we would inherit.   Although the number we would get changed over the years, it was always about the 30ths.

The house is number 30.

Second weird thing : In the admittedly old fashioned thinking of the afore mentioned Uncle Cyril, when discussing the features of the house he wanted to one day provide for us, he insisted that Petal and Noah would need to have wash basins in their bedrooms.  We weren't sure about this, but he explained (several times in fact) that this reduced the pressure on the main bathroom and made daily life easier.

The rooms that would be Petal and Noah's bedrooms have wash hand basins in.

Third weird thing : Petal is not Petal's name - as I've explained before, I don't use her first name online and when we changed our family name to James she chose to change her middle name to Petal (even though she doesn't know I write this blog and call her Petal - slightly strange in itself).  Her first name is unusual, and we've never met or heard of anyone with the same first name.

The current owner of the house has the same first name.

And surname.

How weird is that?

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