Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A visit to Lacock

It was a gorgeous day when we visited Lacock, a National Trust place about an hour from Bristol.  There were some games set up to play with as part of their school holiday / Easter Egg hunt, and while we decided none of us were particularly talented at hoop-la, everyone had fun. 

It was a great day for walking through the grounds, spotting flashes of colour among the undergrowth and climbing on old tree stumps.

Inside the cloisters of the abbey I got sucked into the shapes and the textures and the lines and patterns as usual - cool stone walls and high ceilings - gorgeous.  Several scenes from various Harry Potter scenes were filmed here, as well as lots of Jane Austen period dramas and the like - Woolf Hall too I think.  Easy to see why - the incredible lines of the buildings, the well tended vast grounds, and the village - it was preserved as though frozen in time.  Much cheaper than trying to un-modernise other places as well I'd imagine! 

No more photos, apart from this example of trying to take a picture of my three delightful offspring.  One who pulls faces, one in a strop, and one who struggles to stay still for a second.

Love them dearly, but sometimes they are right buggers.

● ● ● ● ●

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