Saturday, 11 April 2015

finished lightcatchers - rainbow sun

I realised a few days ago that while I shared my thought process and experimentation involved with creating the textured lightcatchers, I hadn't shared the finished result, so here it is - one of the three anyway!  You can find the others here and here. 

This is the most traditionally shaped of the three textured lightcatchers, measuring 25 cm by 6 cm with the easily recognisable order of colours - Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.  Petal named it 'rainbow sun', though she acknowledged that it's equally beautiful lit by alternative sources of light!  As with the others, it has no holes yet to thread with ribbon or string to hang from, so that it can be displayed whichever way up the eventual owner prefers.  It's now listed on Folksy along with other lightcatchers, including the wire wrapped rainbow stars from this post.

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If you missed the posts about how this piece of kiln fused glass art came to be, you can check the initial plan, the results of the first session in the kiln, and how the texture was created in the second firing.  And if you think you might have the perfect place for this to live, let me know!

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