Wednesday, 1 April 2015

planning ahead for my new glassy nook

Having scoured the current property market offerings in the area we want and price we can afford and found none (edit: found one, made an offer, offer accepted!) , I'm taking a temporary break from house hunting, and going glassy nook hunting instead.  I've been promised a room of my very own by Mr Manley, who I think is picturing me hiding out there for days at a time when I'm not coping well with the kids.  But it gives me an outlet for daydreaming, so I'm going with it.  Wherever we end up we may well need to extend - to make an ordinary house suitable for a teenager with learning disabilities who uses a wheelchair part time often means an increase in size, but the hazards of a room full of glass being on the same level as Smiler are obvious.  Mr Manley suggested a shed - although he insists otherwise, I think it's the thought of trying to get my (very very heavy) kiln up any stairs that is nudging him towards the idea of creating a separate glassy nook for me.

See the thinking?  Loads of storage - slots for sheet glass, pipes for stringer, narrow open shelves for frit, peg board for tools; plenty of light through big windows; enough worksurface for a big sheet/cutting area I can stand at, a section I can sit at and work, a laying up section close to the kiln, and a light box for photos.

It's not as pie in the sky as it might sound - Mr Manley can use his woodworking skills to build a workbench, shelves, and sheet glass storage; I can sort the pipework for stringer, and the peg board.  I don't believe any of it will end up looking quite as pretty as Pinterest would have you believe, but I'm fine with that.  I've long since accepted that real life is rarely as tidy and organised as a photoshoot, but I do think the wonderful worlds of Pinterest and Google image search can be handy for inspiration and ideas - they just need to be moderated with a healthy dose of reality to tone down all that sugar.  But before I can start messing up sorting out the inside, I need an outside

I've been drooling over various websites devoted to garden buildings and sheds and log cabins and summerhouses, and while some are ridiculously expensive, there's no point in doing it really cheaply since I want it to last.  Mr Manley can insulate and paint it, put a floor inside and everything, but I'll need it hooked up for lights and power and double glazed, and be able to lock it up tight to get the contents covered on the insurance.  Dunster House are the front runners right now, ticking all these boxes as well as being recommended by a couple of fellow glass aficionados (though they torch rather than cook), so I'm off to drool over their beautiful log cabins for a bit longer.  And completely ignore the fact that I don't actually have a garden to put one in.

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