Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Survey : Four : it's Andy the Artex man

Loving the personal opinion of The Surveyor, so let's see what else we can find...

Another character to add to the growing complement of not-especially-good-at-their-jobs workers - welcome, Andy the Artex man!  But as for your work, Andy, what was that The Surveyor said?  Horrendous eh?  Oh hang on, that wasn't directed at your work, but simply the artex design itself ... well don't hold back, will you - tell us what you really think!

Ah yes, obnoxious - now there's a word worth using!  Of course, playing Mallet's Mallet (the only word association game worth playing) quickly links obnoxious to Nigel Farage (via ostentatious [as in breastfeeding] or directly, depending on your political leanings), and how might The Surveyor link the house to Ukip? 

Ah yes.  Foreign hearths and mantels, coming over here, stealing our jobs...
But wait, was that another new person to add to the cast list?  Why yes, it's Gerry the Gas fitter!  Our thanks of course for the aesthetic commentary, The Surveyor, any other handy life advice while we're at it?


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