Monday, 27 April 2015

The Survey : One : starring Tim the Trainee

The report on the house that we got from the surveyor made me laugh so much I almost wet myself, so of course it was essential that it be made available for everybody else to enjoy.  This gentleman is not shy about sharing his politics ...

... and seems to be a frustrated children's writer at heart - definite echoes of Johnny and Jennifer Yellow Hat and Billy Blue Hat and the Village with Three Corners here...

So, that's Tim the NVQ trainee and Rog the Roofer (man about town) who have so far worked on the house - not very impressively it seems.  The word slapped is used four times in just this segment - perhaps that is what The Surveyor would like to do to Tim and Roger.  I don't judge - as far as I'm concerned what happens in private between consenting adults is their business, as long as they leave the chimney stacks out of it.  But who will visit next, to brighten up the unavoidably dry subject matter of a house survey?  You'll have to be patient, and wait for the next chapter of The Survey (it's okay, I'll post it tomorrow).

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