Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Survey : Five (and final) : featuring The Mother

So, having checked out the roof and the walls and the render and the decor, I wonder what The Surveyor might have to say about the hot water and central heating?

Ancient.  Okay then.  I wonder how old ancient actually is these days?  And The Surveyor has also helpfully thrown in a bit of budgeting advice there too...  But you know, that's a lot about The Surveyor's professional opinions, how about a bit of background?  I know - why don't you tell us about your mother? 

• • • • •

That's all folks, you have been watching, in order of appearance, 
The Surveyor
Roger the Roofer (goes by Rog)
Tim the NVQ Trainee
Tom, friend of Tim
Chris the Chippie
Ivy the Evil
Andy the Artex man
Foreign mantel and hearth
Gerry the Gas fitter
Mother of The Surveyor (now deceased)

• • • • •

There is no question in my mind that were I ever to require another survey of a house, I'd approach The Surveyor with no hesitation.  Instead of the boring technical type report I was expecting I was instead treated to a peek inside the mind of a frustrated creative.  I have, of course, been selective in my appropriations of the report - there is plenty of technical information in there that means (to be honest) very little to my untrained brain, but it's the extra pieces of personality in there that made it for me.

Thank you, The Surveyor.

● ● ● ● ●

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