Sunday, 4 October 2015

Queue jump guilt

I'm officially uncomfortable about our Disabled Facilities Grant application.

After grumbling about it here and chasing up local MPs, councillors and the like, this happened.  I checked back with the Accessible Homes team, the folk that run the process basically - to be told we would be allocated a surveyor within days.  Which we were.  We now have official permission to apply as soon as our agent gets his shit together all the relevant documentation including quotes, measurements and specifications has been gathered together. (Love you really Dame)

It is unfair to circumvent the system, especially when that very system is in place to ensure a fair deal for those who are vulnerable or in need in some way, so I've been feeling massively guilty about queue jumping.

While I've been assured over and over that there is no waiting list, I've spoken to others who have waited over a year to be allocated a surveyor.  And I'm not talking about people who would feel a bit more secure if they had a few grab rails put in place (although arguably this would be done outside of the DFG system anyway because the cost implication was small), I'm talking about parents who were carrying their disabled ten year old, weighing six stone, up the stairs to bed; a gentleman who had been discharged from hospital after a stroke who could no longer reach the bathroom upstairs and was expected to use a commode in the corner of the family living room; a mother whose MS meant her two sons (aged 11 and 14) had to physically help her into and out of the bath, and on and off of the toilet.  But the official line is that no one is waiting, so there was no list for me to jump.

I didn't want to jump that waiting list, but at the same time I need to put my son and my family first - they need to be my highest priority.  

I guess there is no official guilt to feel, if there is official no list, but when I hear the opposite from so many other people it's difficult to retain the moral high ground.  Think maybe I have officially plausible deniability of having officially done anything officially immoral, but still actual guilt of having actually jumped the actual queue.

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